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Research Collaboration visit to Prof Boon Ooi’s Photonics Research Group

PhD student Kalani Moore spent 2 months interning at Prof Boon Ooi's Photonics research group. He has been working on low loss EELS analysis of 2D materials such as transition metal dichalcogenides and MXenes within III-N thin films.
  • Prof Ursel Bangert
  • Dr Alan Harvey
  • Mr Kalani Moore
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

Kalani Moore and Shelly Conroy from TEMUL spent time at Prof Boon Ooi's research group at KAUST. Shelly has been working with the group since her Phd in 2014 on III-N materials and optoelectronic devices. During their stay they also worked with Dr. Sergei Lopatin a senior TEM staff scientist at the lab who has developed a method of lowering the achievable EELS energy resolution on a Titan Themis. Prof Bangert and Dr Alan Harvey visited at the end of their stay to plan future collaborations with the two groups.

KAUST Photonics lab

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