Gearóid Mangan

Mr Gearóid Mangan

PhD Student

Gearóid joined the group to undertake a PhD in Nanoscience and Microscopy, under the supervision of Dr Andy Stewart. The primary focus of his PhD is the advancement in the application of electron diffraction tomography.

Curriculum vitae


Gearóid finished his B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics with first-class honours in 2017. He undertook a research project in the field of optoelectronics during his final year, titled ‘The Synthesis and Characterisation of Potassium Niobate Nanowires for Applications in Nonlinear Optics’. This work was a major motivation of his to continue with research on material characterisation, leading him to undertake a PhD with TEMUL.

Gearóid’s work primarily focuses on the advancement of electron diffraction techniques which will be achieved in a number of ways, including the design and implementation of algorithms that will account for positional errors of the goniometer and crystal on the grid and comparison of electron diffraction tomography and large angle rocking beam electron diffraction, on which he will make improvements on the associated software. He will also work on characterising a number of crystals and their phase transitions as they are exposed to different environments with in situ experiments.