• T. C. Droubay
  • Dr Michele Conroy

We assess the validity of criteria based on size mismatch and thermodynamics in predicting the stability of the rare class…

  • Michele Conroy
  • S. Chatterjee
  • Meghan S. Fujimoto
  • Nathan L. Canfield
  • Monte R. Elmore
  • Devin W. Olson
  • Tamas Varga
  • David J. Senor
  • Dr Michele Conroy

Zircaloy-4 (Zr-4) based liners and getters are the principle functional components of Tritium-Producing Burnable Absorber Rods (TPBARs) in light water…

  • Caitlin A. Taylor
  • Patrick M. Price
  • T. C. Droubay
  • Jon Michael Schwantes
  • Matthew J Olszta
  • Dr Michele Conroy

Metallic particles formed in oxide fuels (e.g., UO2) during neutron irradiation have an adverse impact on fuel performance. A fundamental…

A better understanding of how production pathway affects the final product is required in order to produce targeted syntheses, but…

Models for long‐term glass alteration are required to satisfy performance predictions of vitrified nuclear waste in various disposal scenarios. Durability…

  • Dr Michele Conroy

Selective sequestration of sulfate (SO42-) in the form of barite (BaSO4) from alkaline solutions of high ionic strength containing carbonate…

  • B. Ooi
  • P. J. Parbrook
  • R.W. Martin
  • M. J. Cryan
  • J. Pugh
  • Dr Michele Conroy

Multiple luminescence peaks emitted by a single InGaN/GaN quantum-well(QW) nanorod, extending from the blue to the red, were analysed by…

  • Beata Kardynal
  • Demie Kepaptsoglou
  • Hans Hofsaess
  • Julian Alexander Amani
  • Jhih-Sian Tu
  • Mr Eoghan O' Connell
  • Prof Ursel Bangert
  • Ms Eileen Courtney
  • Dr Andy Stewart

Functionalisation of two-dimensional (2-D) materials via low energy ion implantation could open possibilities for fabrication of devices based on such…

  • P. Maguire
  • J.J. Wang
  • C. Rodenburg
  • Dr Robbie O'Connell

Images of Ga+-implanted amorphous silicon layers in a 110 n-type silicon substrate have been collected by a range of detectors…

  • Andy Stewart
  • Robert Imlau
  • András Kovács
  • Ervin Mehmedovic
  • Pengxiang Xu
  • Christine Leidinger
  • Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski
  • Gustav Bihlmayer
  • Hartmut Wiggers
  • Reinhard Carius
  • Ute Kolb
  • Martina Luysberg
  • Dr Andy Stewart

We use conventional and aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and ab initio calculations to investigate the structural and electronic properties…

  • X. Zhang
  • E. Ilton
  • E. Buck
  • Dr Michele Conroy

Layered (oxy) hydroxide minerals often possess out-of-plane hydrogen atoms that form hydrogen bonding networks which stabilize the layered structure. However,…

  • T. C. Droubay
  • J. Gigax
  • L. Shao
  • Dr Michele Conroy

Epsilon-phase alloy precipitates have been observed with varied compositions and sizes in spent nuclear fuels, such as UO2. The presence…