• T. C. Droubay
  • J. Gigax
  • L. Shao
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

Epsilon-phase alloy precipitates have been observed with varied compositions and sizes in spent nuclear fuels, such as UO2. The presence…

  • Ursel Bangert
  • Recep Zan
  • Prof Quentin Ramasse
  • Jhih-Sian Tu
  • Konstantin Novoselov
  • Rashid Jalil
  • Prof Ursel Bangert

Stacking different two-dimensional (2D) atomic layers is a feasible approach to create unique multilayered van der Waals heterostructures with desired…

  • A. Molodyk
  • V. Petrykin
  • F. Gomory
  • L. Frolek
  • B. A. Glowacki
  • Prof Ursel Bangert
  • Dr Yina Guo

If coated conductors are to be used in large-scale ac applications such as motors and generators, energy losses must be…

  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

Metallic particles precipitated from fission products in oxide fuel matrix (e.g., UO2) [1, 2] have a great impact on the…

  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

Metallic hydride nuclear fuels (U0.17 ZrH1.6) have been under consideration for use in Light Water Reactors (LWRs) [1]. The fuel…

  • K. Kantner
  • Z. Krpetic
  • A. Perez-Potti
  • D. Garry
  • C. P. Silveira
  • L. Boselli
  • B. Pelaz
  • T. Serchi
  • S. Cambier
  • A. C. Gutleb
  • N. Feliu
  • Y. Yan
  • M. Salmona
  • W. J. Parak
  • K. A. Dawson
  • P. Bigini
  • Dr Jennifer Cookman

The transport and the delivery of drugs through nanocarriers is a great challenge of pharmacology. Since the production of liposomes…

  • Andrew Bleloch
  • Mhairi Gass
  • Rahul R Nair
  • Kostya S Novoselov
  • M I Katsnelson
  • Andre Geim
  • Prof Ursel Bangert

The properties of suspended graphene are currently attracting enormous interest, but the small size of available samples and the difficulties…

  • C. P. Silveira
  • Z. Krpetic
  • Y. Yan
  • L. Boselli
  • K. A. Dawson
  • Dr Jennifer Cookman

The range of possible nanostructures is so large and continuously growing, that collating and unifying the knowledge connected to them,…

  • A. Huq
  • Z. Wang
  • D. G. Burtt
  • E. Ilton
  • E. Buck
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

The dissolution of boehmite is a technical issue for Al industry because of its recalcitrant nature. In fact, a similar…

  • C. O'Dwyer
  • J. D. Holmes
  • T. Collins
  • M. Morris
  • M. Schmidt
  • P. J. Parbrook
  • R.W. Martin
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

With advances in nanolithography and dry etching, top-down methods of nanostructuring have become a widely used tool for improving the…

  • R. Tenne
  • A. Zak
  • R. J. Young
  • Prof Ursel Bangert
  • Mr Eoghan O' Connell

The relationship between structure and properties has been followed for different nanoscale forms of tungsten disulfide (2H-WS2) namely exfoliated monolayer…

  • Hans Hofsaess
  • Demie Kepaptsoglou
  • Quentin Ramasse
  • Julian Alexander Amani
  • Recep Zan
  • Mr Eoghan O' Connell
  • Prof Ursel Bangert

Controlled manipulation of materials on the atomic scale is a continuing challenge in physics and material science. Doping of two-dimensional…