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  • S. Biswas
  • C. O'Dwyer
  • David Mcnulty
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy
  • Mr Kalani Moore
  • Prof Ursel Bangert

The combination of two active Li-ion materials (Ge and Sn) can result in improved conduction paths and higher capacity retention.…

Conducting nuclear materials analysis at the micron scale offers a number of advantages over the bulk scale, including: (1) access…

  • T. C. Droubay
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

We assess the validity of criteria based on size mismatch and thermodynamics in predicting the stability of the rare class…

  • Caitlin A. Taylor
  • Patrick M. Price
  • T. C. Droubay
  • Jon Michael Schwantes
  • Matthew J Olszta
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

Metallic particles formed in oxide fuels (e.g., UO2) during neutron irradiation have an adverse impact on fuel performance. A fundamental…

A better understanding of how production pathway affects the final product is required in order to produce targeted syntheses, but…

Selective sequestration of sulfate (SO42-) in the form of barite (BaSO4) from alkaline solutions of high ionic strength containing carbonate…

  • T. C. Droubay
  • J. Gigax
  • L. Shao
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

Epsilon-phase alloy precipitates have been observed with varied compositions and sizes in spent nuclear fuels, such as UO2. The presence…

  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

Metallic hydride nuclear fuels (U0.17 ZrH1.6) have been under consideration for use in Light Water Reactors (LWRs) [1]. The fuel…

  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

Metallic particles precipitated from fission products in oxide fuel matrix (e.g., UO2) [1, 2] have a great impact on the…

  • A. Huq
  • Z. Wang
  • D. G. Burtt
  • E. Ilton
  • E. Buck
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

The dissolution of boehmite is a technical issue for Al industry because of its recalcitrant nature. In fact, a similar…

  • R.W. Martin
  • P. J. Parbrook
  • J. D. Holmes
  • P. R. Edwards
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

We report a method of growing site controlled InGaN multiple quantum discs (QDs) at uniform wafer scale on coalescence free…

  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

This paper correlates the micro-structural and electrical characteristics associated with annealing of metallic multi-layers typically used in the formation of…