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  • J. D. Holmes
  • P. J. Parbrook
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

Nanostructured semiconductors have a clear potential for improved optoelectronic devices, such as high-efficiency light-emitting diodes (LEDs). However, most arrays of…

  • J. O'Connell
  • T. K. Ng
  • A. Prabaswara
  • S. Jahangir
  • P. Bhattacharya
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

We present a detailed study of the effects of dangling bond passivation and the comparison of different sulfide passivation processes…

  • K. Rahme
  • A. Singha
  • M. Morris
  • J. D. Holmes
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

One-dimensional nanostructures with controllable morphologies and defects are appealing for use in nanowire devices. This paper details the influence of…

  • J. Fallon
  • Z. Krpetic
  • K. A. Dawson
  • Dr Jennifer Cookman

Nanoparticles in a biological milieu are known to form a sufficiently long-lived and well-organized ‘corona’ of biomolecules to confer a…

  • P. J. Parbrook
  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

We report an inexpensive nanoscale patterning process for epitaxial lateral overgrowth (ELOG) in AlN layers grown by metal organic vapour…

  • D. Fox
  • H. Luo
  • R. Wang
  • Y. Chen
  • J.J. Wang
  • H. Zhang

Highly efficient photoluminescence (PL) emission is obtained from flower-like silicon oxide (SiOx)–Au nanostructures that were synthesized by annealing silicon substrates…

  • Ursel Bangert
  • Sunthon Piticharoenphun
  • Lidija Šillera
  • Marie-Louise Lemloh
  • Franz Brümmer
  • Murrielle Salome
  • Marine Cotte
  • Burkhard Kaulich
  • Alessandra Gianoncelli
  • Budhika G. Mendis
  • Nigel R. J. Poolton
  • Benjamin R. Horrocks
  • Davorin Medaković
  • Prof Ursel Bangert

Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are one of the most important nanomaterials for toxicological study due to their extensive use in consumer…

  • Dr Michele (Shelly) Conroy

The ceria–terbia solid solution system has been studied in order to assess whether ultra-small crystallites have any propensity to form…

  • Prof Ursel Bangert

Ever since the first experimental observation of graphene, much of graphene research has concerned the control of its intrinsic properties.…

  • R. M. Gwilliam
  • Reza J Kashtiban
  • H. Li
  • A. Knights
  • Prof Ursel Bangert

Silicon nanocrystal (Si-NC) based photonic materials have already been proposed as candidates for increased efficiency photo-voltaic cells after the recent…

  • Ursel Bangert
  • Javeed Akhtar
  • Mohammad Afzaal
  • Mateusz Banski
  • Artur Podhorodecki
  • Marcin Syperek
  • Jan Misiewicz
  • Samantha J. O. Hardman
  • Darren M. Graham
  • Wendy R. Flavell
  • David J. Binks
  • Sandra Gardonio
  • Paul O’Brien
  • Prof Ursel Bangert

Truly alloyed PbSxSe1−x (x = 0−1) nanocrystals (∼5 nm in size) have been prepared, and their resulting optical properties are…

  • A Khodorov
  • Reza J Kashtiban
  • N P Barradas
  • E Alves
  • Sigrid Bernstorff
  • M J M Gomes
  • Prof Ursel Bangert

In this paper, Ge/Al2O3 multilayer systems were grown by pulsed laser ablation. The grown samples were annealed at 900 °C…